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Isle of Kintyre Cheese

Our Isle of Kintyre flavour-blended cheddars were amongst the first on the market. We took great care to get our recipes right at the outset, meaning that our products have changed very little since.

Herbs, fruits and spices have been used to flavour cheese for hundreds of years. Some of the oldest recipes are still firm favourites – from chives and garlic, to mustard, cumin and woodsmoke. We take high-quality mature cheddar, add authentic flavours and press the cheese together. From traditional to exotic flavours, there’s sure to be one you’ll love. Try Ben Gunn or Applesmoke™ for something different.

About Isle of Kintyre Cheese

We’re often asked about the inspiration for ‘Isle of Kintyre’ cheese. In 1098 the Viking King of Norway, Magnus Barelegs, was granted control by the King of the Scots, King Malcolm III, of all the lands which he could sail around. He claimed Kintyre by having his ship pulled across the narrow neck of land that joins Kintyre to the mainland at Tarbert (Tarbert actually means “boat pull”) whilst at the helm. The Isle of Kintyre cheese logo depicts a Viking longboat, which are still sailed annually around Kintyre.